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California School of Culinary Arts' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
California School of Culinary Arts

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uniforms [18 May 2006|10:42am]

dirty pants or aprons?

lost neckerchiefs or hats?

I have 4 complete NEW sets of uniforms at my ebay auction

culinary uniforms
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[03 Apr 2006|02:15pm]

does anyone have any tips on parking for west campus?
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[14 Mar 2006|10:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey! I'm seriously considering attending CSCA for their patisserie/baking program. Any thoughts, opinions, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!!! I'd like to know all I can before I commit to *that* much money.

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[09 Feb 2006|04:20pm]

I was just wondering if anyone here is going through the schools housing thing? if so how is it? is it a decent place and what not.....

I guess this is kinda like a cry for help.... i'm starting school in april and i need help finding a place to live or even people to live with... i can't really afford to live on my own.... any help will be greatly appreciated.... thank you!
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[11 Jan 2006|01:04pm]

Does any one else have friends that always ask them how to cook things...? Yeah, I seem to get that a lot lately, not that I mind.
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[14 Nov 2005|01:40pm]

I found this article linked on MSN today, and figured it might help out some culinary students! Peace!!!
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[08 Nov 2005|11:25pm]

Hi my name is jenny and i'm going to be attending csca in April apart of the baking and patisserie program.... I'm from anaheim and i plan on commuting... i'm currently 19 and will be turning 20 on christmas... at the moment i am attending Cal state long beach and i have this problem of putting off doing homework to bake.... i hope to be able to meet some people here that i might see in april
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Term paper [02 Nov 2005|11:28pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Finally finished with my term paper. Anyone interested can see the finished paper at the link below. It hasn't been proofread yet (my proofer is in the shower at the moment), so ignore the errors. I typed it out without careing about those until I turn the actual final piece in.
Comments and critiques are welcome :)

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It's me again [19 Oct 2005|09:39pm]

Sorry to bother again, but the due date for my research paper is coming in the way too soon future, and I was stupid and never posted these survey's I wanted to do. So now I'm doing it before it gets way too late. This isn't the only one, but I don't want to clutter up the community with this, so if anyone could/wants to help me with them, I can e-mail you instead if you'd like.
Anyway, if anyone can help and do these, that'd be great, and it'd really help out more for my paper.

Poll #594346 Mac 'n cheese survey #1

Do you like macaroni and cheese?

I'll take it or leave it

Thanks in advance!
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[16 Oct 2005|03:06am]

Hey all! I take the plunge the first week of January... And I can't WAIT to further practice my love of cooking. My ultimate goal is to someday become a Master Chef... Just curious, but the school tried to tell me they could help me get a place to live up there in Pasedina & pay for it, & I was wondering if anyone knew if this was on the level (Since I have to move QUITE a ways to get to the school). Anyone else been thru this process? Anyhow, I can't WAIT until January, and am happy to see this community!
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Attention all Mac N Cheese lovers!!! [07 Oct 2005|12:33pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Just went over the schedual for my History class, and when stuff is due for the research paper, and discovered that I have a week les than I thought. So it's due November 8th, and the detailed outline is due October 20! I have only 2 weeks to get this almost perfect! My GOSH did that set my bum on fire.
So yeah, I'm gonna ask a favour of all you guys, if I may.
Anyone else out there who likes Mac n Cheese? Or even those of you few who cannot stand the stuff (for some odd reason). Got any favourite recipes and what-not? Do you like certain recipes only, TV Dinner type, homemade, cheap or expencive boxed, certain brands, or all of them =) Or, why you don't like it, for those who don't. Personal stories are great also. If you do, send 'em my way, if you could. I'm going to be discussing different types of mac n cheese, cause I know there's loads, and different meanings as a food for different people. For exapmle, my grandmother in Washington, is a firm believer that mac n cheese is made with a white sauce, served as a side dish, and also always served with pork chops. Mac n cheese to me is a whole meal, always has been.
So yeah, I'm really looking forward to all this, and it'll be interesting to see how many different views there are on this wonderful food.
Also, if I use your info, I'll put your name in my paper! Think of the fame and fortune that could come from this!
Well, not really fame and fortune, but you'll still get your name in my paper. And the grand satisfaction of helping a fellow mac n cheese lover with a huge ginormous report ^.^

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History help [04 Oct 2005|04:54pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

We have to do a huge research paper for my History class, and I need a topic. It can be anything as long as it deals with food.

Some things I've thought of so far (that should give me enough info to work with):
History of fish and chips
History of pasta
History of salad
Macaroni and cheese

It has to be a topic that will give enough info for at least 5 pages. Lengths have never been a problem for me really (cause I tend to go on and on like the Energizer bunny), but some topics wont give me much.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance :)

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[10 Aug 2005|02:07pm]

im totally down with learning about the class selection situation thing and also about any cool scholarships anyone knows about so hook a chef up. comment or email at callXmeXkrod@aol.com
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[10 Aug 2005|02:02pm]

Ahh totally new here. Over this past summer I was accepted to le Cordon Bleu in Pittsburgh. I couldnt find a community for that particular school but I figure that being affiliated with le Cordon Bleu the way things are run can't be too very different. Im pretty interested in metting people through le Cordon Bleu and such. Especially if you're here and you're in the same school as I am. I start in July of 2006 so if you're gonna be there at that time, let me know and we'll team up and such. p.s. if someone wants to talk about Culinary stuff let me know, ill add you to my friends list and AIM and emails and such and we can be buddies. yay

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question~ [14 Jul 2005|06:18pm]

How many of you actually qualified as "independents" with financial aid? There's quite a difference in what you're capable of getting with that title. I unfortunately, did not qualify for it. Hell, I didn't even qualify for grants :( so this brings me to "the question" -

how do you guys muster up the cash in the first place to pay for school? if anyone's parents tossed down $45k for them, please don't reply here >.>; I'm damn close to being independent, I just don't meet the technicalities to actually BENEFIT from it lol.

Another good one is - how many of you work and go to school? part time work, full time? I want to try to grasp some real people here because honestly, the thought of an enormous loan keeps scaring me lol. I'm sure I'm not the only person that's gone through it, so I'd really like to hear other's stories of enrollment and such, thanks!
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[09 Apr 2005|11:53am]

hi guys!

i'm lisa.i'm a high school senior at ontario high school,and about a week ago,the idea of taking a year off of school was eminent.

i actually just signed for for classes YESTERDAY...yay.i start in august.i'm taking the AOS program(the first one...er...the whole package?ierno.lol).i had no intention of actually going here...i wanted to go to school to major in business management,but after seeing the school and all the facilities,and the opportunities,whoa,i decided that this is the place to be.

i'm also one of those who has a "passion" for food.my roots are in "nawlans",new orleans.i love creole food,and southern food in general.i can't say i'm great in the kitchen,but hey,that's what this school is for.

looking forward to getting a student apartment.anyone of you living in one?how do you like it?
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[25 Mar 2005|07:26pm]
Dr. Praeger's (frozen) Bombay Spinach Pancakes= yummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

A tad salty? ...but very flavorful with spices (it's slightly spicy too...has marsala, etc.)

I got it at regular grocery market.

Oh...and I didn't eat for a large part of day and it felt good...some internal cleaning must have went on
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What is this dessert? [23 Mar 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Someone told me they like the dessert (this is how u pronounce it)

Sock- a - toor (like tour)

How do u actually spell it and what is it?

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